So close

After days of desperation, hope, sadness the sun finally shined on my street. It was a sunny Sunday and I was feeling sick. Traveling fast to get there I got the good news with shock. Poker face was alive again and I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t believe after crying one day long and giving up, deciding to stay home I finally did it.

It’s going to be a great new day. A brand new day, brand new life. My ex people pale in the dark and I am finally free. Finally free, no memory strings and I feel like I will cry soon. Not for sadness or missing someone, but for pure joy. Because I’m not as stupid as they two try to make me think I am, I am better than them together. I will prove that to them and to myself. I don’t need their help, it won’t come anyway.

I just hope my new life will be better in so many ways. You’re fading in Pl. city, the two of them are close, but not to close to my heart. My heart won’t take them back no matter how many things they would promise to me. I can’t take that whole amazing shit one more time. If I do that, then in the end I will be dead for real. I don’t want to die of love, of stupidity inlove.

My friends are there, my family is close. I will make it through. I will make good things happen. My life is totally going to change and I will make it amazing! This is my plan. I will be a brand new person. All I ever wanted, all that comes at surface when I am there, all my best!